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Where our farm

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Welcome to Mt. View Orchards—where our family’s farm is your farm. We believe fruit is most delicious when it’s raised with love by your friends. Visit us and taste and see for yourself!


Community And Friendship For Over 45 Years

Mt. View Orchards is an 50-acre apple and pear farm nestled just north of Mt. Hood in the quaint town of Parkdale, Oregon. For over forty years, our family has raised delicious, top-grade, environmentally sustainable fruit, establishing Mt. View as an important fruit grower in the
Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge region.


Mt. View’s Fruit Stand, open each harvest season from July through Halloween, is the not-so-hidden treasure of the Hood River County Fruit Loop. Each year, thousands of loyal customers make the trek from all over the Northwest to enjoy our 70+ varieties of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, berries, and seasonal vegetables, stock up on fresh cider, hard cider, dried fruit, sauces, fruit butters, and local honey, take hay rides through the orchard, snap photos of the stunning views of Mt. Hood and the Hood River Valley, and catch up with us and our friendly, helpful farm staff. We also open up several acres of the orchard for u-pick customers. Many families have made it their annual tradition to spend an afternoon
with us, picking fruit and enjoying a picnic among our bountiful trees.


Mt. View also distributes to local and regional businesses and eateries, and participates in a wide range of community partnerships. We believe passionately in the value and benefit of the family farm in a community and do all we can to sustain our contribution here in the Hood River
Valley and beyond. Please come visit our farm! 



Taking The Plunge To Become A Farmer

My siblings and I spent our childhood summers learning the art of farming from my mother, Ruthie McAlexander. She herself had grown up in Parkdale, OR on the orchard her Swiss parents, my grandparents, bought in the early 1940s, and delighted in passing her training and knowledge down to us. I always knew that I wanted to be the one to carry on the family tradition and make Mt. View Orchards a successful legacy farm.


Hospitality and generosity are two of the biggest core values for my family and our farm. It’s our tradition to open up our farm like a large living room and invite family, friends, and visitors to come “taste and see” the abundance of our harvests. New and old customers alike get to enjoy
the special and deeply satisfying experience of tasting the sweetest, flavor-packed fruit picked right off the trees, while getting to know
the people who put so much love and care into raising it.

Girl Looking Down
Fruit Stand


With small family farms on the decline, I am committed to doing my part to uphold this crucial component of our local economy by continuing to raise affordable fruit of the highest quality, building relationships with our customers, making visits to Mt. View fun and unforgettable, innovating fresh and delicious recipes and products, and more. I am also inviting old and new friends to follow my blog, The Grateful Farmer, where I am chronicling all aspects of my wonderful, hilarious, challenging, overwhelming, and heartfelt farming adventure.


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