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taste and enjoy our abundant harvests


Dear Friends of Mt. View Orchards,

My Swiss grandfather used to say, "every year is different in farming and you never know exactly what you are going to get, therefore you will never get bored."  This is my 3rd year running my families small fruit orchard at the base of Mt. Hood and I wholeheartedly agree with him. With that said, I am happy to announce that we have an amazing crop out there on our fruit trees and we are extra grateful because after one of the most epic winters we have had in over 15 years we really didn't have any damage to our trees or a light crop.  The only crop that seems to be a bit less abundant than usual is our peaches but we usually we have a bumper crop of them. Have no worries friends of Mt. View, we will still have plenty of peaches around here and hopefully all of them will find a good homes and not drop too soon onto the ground before they are enjoyed.


Everything is running about 3 weeks later this year than the past year and we are so grateful because we have an abundant crop of Pick your own Cherries for the 2017 harvest. Stay tuned when the cherries are going to be perfectly ready for picking but I am projecting middle of July. Our Fruit Stand OPENS this year on Saturday, July 1st and we will be open 7 days a week from 11-5pm. We will have already picked berries and cherries, dried fruit, jams, honey and HARD CIDER for anyone 21 years and old to enjoy to pack a picnic and come on up to our farm for the day. Like aways we will also have a "honor system" of self serve hours for fruit/jams only if you want to come later or earlier in the morning. You just need to bring your own cash or check and be self directed and weigh your own fruit and leave cash in our container in the fruit stand. :) 


Please consider following along on our Instagram or Facebook pages to know when we are having special farm to table dinners, more details on ripening dates and to join us for Swiss Days this year (Oct 28th). This spring we planted our dahlias, new lavender plants, more blueberries, sweet corn, our pumpkin patch and some table grapes and Riesling grapes this year. We will have fruit pies, treats, fresh apple cider starting in late August and apple cider donuts starting in late August every Saturday and Sunday. We will have Hay rides every Saturday afternoon in October only. We are not at any farmers markets in the city this year and really want to warmly invite you out to our working farm so you can know where you food comes from and the smiling faces of your farmers who care deeply about growing fruit for you and your family. If its hard to make it out to the farm, consider joining our weekly fruit subscription All Fruit CSA for 16 weeks of fruit dropped off in your neighborhood till fall. 

Thank you for letting us bring our farm to your table this year,

Trina (your grateful farmer) and the McAlexander family

We are now sending a weekly "Fridays on the farm," update that
I would encourage you all to sign up for!

Special Events 

Donut Peach Weekend - July
Have you ever had a donut peach? We believe that they are sweeter than candy. Please come on up to our farm and we will give you a free sample. You will be hooked at first bite!

Sweet Cherry Week - July
We invite you all to come out to the Orchard and taste our sun ripened cherries including 6 different cherry varieties. Cherries are good for your health, freeze well, are tasty in jams, pies and can beautifully. Please bring a picnic lunch and enjoy cherry week!

Summer Fruit and Vegetable Celebration - August
Many varieties of fruit including berries, peaches, Bartlett pears, gravenstein apples and vegetables. Our sweet corn will be ready as well. This is the most wonderful time of the year and we invite you to come and enjoy the best of our summer harvest.

Peach Party - July
Come pick your own peaches or buy already picked peaches (6 varieties). This years peaches are delightful and so full of flavor.  Peaches are a favorite around here. Peaches are delicious canned and taste remarkably the same after being preserved or frozen. They are fantastic fresh, dried, in jams, pies and grilled. 

Ciderfest - September
Come and try our fresh pressed sweet cider varieties. There are many Mt. View Cider affectionados and this weekend we will be tasting our nectar from heaven.

U-picking/Sweet Corn Weekend - September
Experience our farm and come and pick apples and pears with your friends and family! Bring a picnic and go for free hayride to see our animals. Also come and buy already picked corn because it will be sweet and tasty. September is the most beautiful month in Oregon and visiting a farm is a must see.

Pumpkin Patch Open - September
This year we are proud to announce that we have a beautiful pumpkin patch on our farm. The Pumpkin patches backdrop is a stunning vista of Mt. Hood.  We will have jack o lantern varieties as well as squash and other eating varieties such a pie pumpkins. Bring your friends and family, cameras and pick out an autumn pumpkin to decorate from our patch.

HoneyCrisp Tasting Weekend - September
There is a reason that this apple is so popular. Its is equal parts sweet and crisp. Come out this weekend and lets celebrate one of the most popular apples of our time.

Hard Cider Day - October
Come and try a variety of Hard Apple Ciders at Mt. View Orchards. 

Golden Delicious Coupon - October
We value our loyal costumers that come every and year for the past 3 decades and want to thank you for your continued support of our farm by sharing forward our beautiful golden delicious apples. If you drive from Oregon or Washington and spend over 25 dollars we will give you a pound free of golden delicious apples for every 10 miles your drive one way per car.

Swiss-German "Edelweiss" Day at Mt View Orchards - Oct. 28
This festival is our tradition on our farm. Live music, sausage, Swiss recipes, Swiss apples, and hayrides. Rain or shine we will have this party! Beer and wine are also available. 

Harvest Fest - Applesauce & Dessert Day - October
Mt View Orchards uniquely serves over 15 kinds of applesauce & desserts.

November - December:
Fresh and dried fruit available - Self serve, help yourself and leave cash or check. 

Last Day Sale - October
These will be the bargain days of the year - stock up for winter. Everything will be reduced. 

U-Pick Peaches, Pears & Apples 
We are still allowing our people to u-pick when the fruit is available. We ask that you do not use ladders or drive your car out to pick. And please, do not dump our fruit onto the ground if you find another variety. We hope that you enjoy the experience!  

Sprays & Chemicals
We make every effort to offer you the cleanest, most healthful product possible. This includes judicious use of agricultural chemicals, properly timed and carefully targeted. While you may wish to wash our fruit, there will be no harmful residues left at harvest time. Mt View uses the best management practices to minimize the use of chemicals. 

7 Days a week 11am - 5pm
Remember to Bring Your Cameras. We can't wait to see you! 

Picnic Tables - Kids Play Area - Gentle Dogs on Leash -
RVs & Tour buses Welcome to Park Above (tour buses please call ahead) - Please Bring Boxes and Sacks